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Posted on 28 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Ups & Downs

Ins & Outs

Front & Back

To & Fro

Wax & Wane

Ebb & Flow

Right & Wrong

Good & Bad

Light & Dark

Peaks & Troughs

Here & There

On & Off

Tomorrow & Yesterday

Future & Past





Own your choices & your outcomes

Evaluate Yesterday

Navigate Today

Blueprint Tomorrow

© Iain Merchant


Posted on 24 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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A picture of a virus in the body


Exponential touch through shared space
Unequivocal in focus and goals
An audit trail of diminished hosts

I am like the wind…

You can only see my impact, but never me

Immunity an unknown factor
Community my ideal hunting ground
Unity in distancing my nemesis
Opportunity is all I need

I am the separator of herds

I am the perpetual slayer of giants

I have been here before and worked the streets
Albeit dressed in different clothes
You were hypnotised by my power
You were levelled by my will

Name me whatever you will

I am no pathogen of peace

                     I am microbial malice

                               Our battle has begun again,
                               and I do not sleep…

Thank you for being my travel companion

© Iain Merchant 2020


Posted on 20 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud


The question is not whether you are anchored…

The question is where you are anchored?

Are you anchored to a memory
In the hope that it can be revived?

Are you anchored to a possibility
That requires you to wait in the past?

Are you anchored in a yesterday
That is destined never to be relived?

Locate where you are anchored honestly!

Don’t be fooled because you’re afloat
That does not mean you’re moving forwards
Harboured boats have the sense of movement
Yet they can always be found in the same spot

                                          Every single day

Reach into your soul and speak in tongues
Converse with your heart in the language of truths
Make peace with your past and bid it farewell
Accept it can be your home no longer

Bathe and dress in your travelling clothes
Gather those things you need for the journey
Leave all other things where they belong
In the library of your past

Look back at your delusion with kind eyes
Forgive yourself for wishing for what was
Be grateful you experienced what you miss
With self-respect, turn and search the horizon

The future will never lay behind you
The promise of tomorrow is not in any mirror
The lessons you take from yesterday will feed you
The choices you make today sculpt what will be

‘If Only’ must be converted to ‘What If’
Change the grammatical tense of your life
The delusion illusion must be shattered
Denial no longer accepted on board

No longer can you stand hand on tiller
Looking longingly out to sea
Whilst you only travel in your mind
Remain tethered to the dock

You’re a vessel built for journeys
Exotic experiences lay just out of sight
When did you last display sufficient courage,
to lose sight of the shoreline?

You are where you’ve been
Repetitive cycles of ‘nothing changes’
Treading water is existing, not living!

                               You have become your own lie

Do you have the courage to sail?

Do you dare to leave harbour?

                               Do you have what it takes?

Do You?

If you don’t, then this is the point in the poem where you reinforce the self lies that you hold so dear…

This is where you nod intellectually at the metaphors and parallels in your own life, as if somehow, thinking has ever equalled action.

This is where you find your own justifications for why you must stay in port, and nod in agreement to your own subterfuge…


You could take a deep breath, wave fondly to the comfort zone you have been basking in, untether yourself from the harbour wall and…

Weigh Anchor

© Iain Merchant 2020


Posted on 17 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Some people flow through life with ease
Riding in the slipstream of their forebears
It is always calm in the eye of the storm
Never buffeted by the maelstrom outside their bubble

The rest of us must navigate the weather systems of the world
The hail, monsoons, and tempests that life offers up
We must walk straight into the wind
Bent so far forward we are unable to see what’s ahead

Hanging on tight to what we love
For fear we might have it torn from our grasp

Legs burning from the strain

Face machine-gunned by sharp stinging rain

Soaked to the skin and getting colder

Survival of life as you know it at stake

No sign of a break in the storm
Every step is a choice and a fight
Every rest a loss of time
Time is precious and perishable

The best thinking lessons are about attitude

Attitudes are either chosen or excepted

Attitudes do not guarantee outcomes

Attitudes do guarantee your approach

Your thinking shapes your impact in this world
Defines how smooth your passage will be
Do you create many vortexes wherever you go?
Or do you glide in a contoured fashion through this space

Are you sleek but never slick
Frictionless rather than fractious
Silky but never sickly
Smooth rather than smug

Attitudes, not platitudes are what is needed
Thinking with humility and sharing knowledge
Inviting all to see what you see
Sharing all that you understand for free

Ubuntu has a meaning for you

This is no secret to keep to yourself
Let the world know the simple truth
Learning will allow you to shape your form
Every single day one truth is paramount

The attitude you choose totally determines your…

Coefficient of Drag

© Iain Merchant


Posted on 14 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Juxtaposition in play always
To manifest Vs it is manifest
Easy to confuse through desire
Law of attraction Vs attraction of a law

Delusion of self, a road well-travelled
Litany of self-lies raining down
Visibility impacted by closed eyes
Open hearts creating the unseen sights

Waking dreams signpost the way

Desire is a strong guide
Ambition can be a willful deceiver
Determination an honest thief
Drive, a metaphor not an instruction

Everything comes at a cost to someone

How high you climb is not the measure
How many breaths you take is not the gauge
How many came with you is worth noting
The moments that took your breath are the gift

A treasure chest of achievements or moments
choose your focus carefully, for it may blind you to all else
Achievements have moments, but moments are eternal achievements
Do you want to be remembered for, or remembered by

The arc of a life is the trajectory of the soul

True love is the rarest of flowers
Glimpsing it is a gift for few
Nurturing it, the honour of life
Recognising it, the purpose of the third eye

Speaking in the tones of the world
Intonating with the cadence of care
Inflecting adjectives to soothe the heart
resonating in the timbre of time

Viscosity of time, which slows when you’re gone

I manifest myself & I mirror my inner truth
I magnetise my soul to bring me suitable food
I am the attraction for that which I feel
My life is the screen onto which my truth is projected

Am I really impacted by what is?
Or am I impacted by my perception of what is…?
The latter is the truth of life
The former is the lie I sometimes believe

Your perception and framing are how you manifest

The law of attraction is more ‘The rules of distraction’
Self-denial of the facts is the keyholder here
To manifest, you must understand how you are manifest
The secret… It is no secret, and it never has been

The ‘hard truth’ is the title you are searching for
Blind-sided facts you hide from yourself
The whisper you ignore in the quiet moments
The page of life you try to leave unturned

The sleep you are in is deep, and the dream is bright

You pick up a book to seek answers
Yet you only look in a mirror to primp
An articulate sentence offers clues to your quest
Yet the looking glass affords you no insights

The book you need has no cover, just a frame
You are also required to look, not just see
Your true self will emulate your moves as you study
Given time your truth will reverberate through the silver

This is the only book of your truths
This is the garden of your arable soul
This is the land you need to till
This is the home of your fertility & growth

Who taught you to manifest what you want
Whilst often ignoring what you need
The well of life is not a gift shop
You are not simply passing through?

Forget the secret and live your truth
Replace attraction with chemistry
Find your mirrored book of truth and read it carefully
Decipher your truths not your dreams

Manifest who you are


what you need will find you

© Iain Merchant 2020


Posted on 12 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Connections weakened
Tethers emancipated
Reciprocity Ghosted
Association seeming to fade

Alone and loneliness are not the same
Singular and silent may be bedfellows
Doubt can grow in the absence of contact
Scouting for what seems to have been lost

When laid wide open we are unprotected
Any blow taken will hit hard
Self-preservation re-suits the armour
The path back home is taken with care

I can’t assume

          I can’t guess

                     I can’t read minds

                               I won’t ask

Do you really know me?
Can you not see I need reassurance?
It was not me that left, remember…
I am in the waiting room of significance

I question whether you can see past yourself to see me?
I question whether you can feel anything outside your own emotions?
I question whether you just assume I’m ok?
I question when I truly wish I didn’t need to…

Without these answers I am unknowing
Without these questions you seem ignorant
These questions will not come from me
For if you do not see me, then what had, we have no more!


© Iain Merchant 2020


Posted on 9 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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I stood in the rain and let it cleanse me
The rain matched my mood
The rain was my mood

I am the rain

The sky’s tears were from my soul
Running down the cheeks of the world
falling onto my upturned face

I am at one

I tasted my tears and knew them
I saw my wounds and owned them
I felt my heart slip, and I held it

I am my reality

I breathe deeply and touch the source
I exhale & link my soul
I relinquish my desires & meditate

I am home

There is no pain in my house
Love is the essence of every welcome
The door is open to all those who can see me

I am my future, my past, and my present

© Iain Merchant

I Am

Posted on 8 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Depleted                         &                  Increased

Diminished                     &                  Augmented

Declined                          &                  Approved

Discarded                        &                  Cherished

Suppressed                     &                   Remembered

Neglected                       &                   Discussed

Ignored                            &                   Compared

Hidden                             &                   Discovered

Disregarded                    &                  Revered

Forgotten                        &                  Recalled

Confused                         &                  Comforted

Wounded                        &                  Healed

Darkness                          &                  Light

Choose your path and own your walk!

All choices are available, just as all consequences are attributable…

The inevitability of agony is suffocated by discomfort levels being determined by choice.

I am my choices

                               My choices

                                                    I AM

© Iain Merchant 2020

I know my way home

Posted on 4 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Crumpled wrappers discarded in the gutter
Evidence of a use no longer required

A purpose served

A mission completed

A moment of significance passed

Cast away the winter coat
need dissipated in this godforsaken heat

I need you no longer

Uncertain ground feels less solid beneath
The what was declared with an immediate when
The where was defined as was the who
The how was clear but the why, not so much!

Acceptance in the silence of uncertainty

Undertaking the request with grace

Giving the green-light to the lack of something

Compliance is acquiesced without argument

Manifesting moments are a declaration of intent
Warming winter hands at the cherry red fireplace
Roasting chestnuts are the incense of home
Silence is the harmony of souls

Sands of time move so slowly through the hourglass
Movement is almost imperceptible to the eye

I move at my own speed

Wait not for me

I will find you when it is time for you to be found

Search not for me

I will draw you to me when it is time for you to find

Fear not for me

I am driven by the water and rain

Dream not of me

I see with my third eye, that which gives light to us all

You are waking

I am woken

Tomorrow will always bring us closer
Hidden in the heart of what could be
Stolen from the dreams of what might be

Strangled by the truth of what is

To be found, you must first be lost

To be lost, you must free the mind

To free the mind, you must lose the wanting

To not want, is to be complete

To be complete, is to have found ‘home’

Should you catch me in your torchlight
Know this darkness is my friend
It is my silent solace
My embrace of shadows

Whilst there is much for me to learn
There is much I already understand
Never kiss me with a lie
Simply slap me with the truth

I will assimilate in my own time and through my own filters

Embrace my soul when you speak truthfully
Parietal senses speak in light
I feel your honesty if genuine
I can sense your care & concern

Many things are said of absence
Mostly poets seeking a lesson from the pain

Absence is…

A void

A space

A truancy

A lack of…

Positive or negative are just outcomes
Results of a chosen attitude
A mental approach
A selected emotional state
A generated thinking pattern
A process of effort and decision

I choose how I am impacted by events

Cut off from the source

Uncoupled from the grid

                     Unplugged from the matrix

                               Sheltered from the breeze

                                          Shaded from the light


There is a mask

There is a reality

There is a tomorrow

There is no today

I am cleansed by the rain

I am 300

Se mi camino a casa – I know my way home

© Iain Merchant 2020

You Are

Posted on 29 January 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Words can hammer a blow to the heart
Words can cut deeper than a steel blade
Words can indiscriminately maim and disfigure
Words can create wounds that do not heal

In the living of your life, remember, your words are weapons that can…

Obliterate hope

Decimate possibility

Destroy perceptions

Massacre dreams

Annihilate self-worth

Butcher prospects

Execute inner light

You are the Minder of your mouth
You are the Manager of your mind
You are the Trustee of your tones
You are the Vigilante of your volume
You are the Shepherd of your syntax
You are the Attendant of your alliteration
You are the Warden of your words
You are the Paladin of your phrasing
You are the Cerberus of your cadence
You are the Custodian of your cursing
You are the Sentinel of your speech
You are the Lookout of your lexicon

You are the Wielder of your weapons

Do you defend the weak or attack them?

You ‘are’ your choices

© Iain Merchant 2020

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