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Posted on 14 May 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Preach If you like to preachYou ‘talk the talk’If you want to reachJust ‘walk the walk’ Don’t tell me what I should doJust show me by exampleThose that do are very fewAn incredibly tiny sample I like when people talk to meTalking at me though, not so muchMaybe you need to preach to theeAnd stop […]

I’m so sorry…

Posted on 7 May 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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I’m so sorry… Seared skin smoking into the thin airRemains of life strewn across the globeThe power of nature affords us no escapeYou are reaping the rewards for our selfishness We had choices and we made choices, the wrong choicesWe chose denial, wilful ignorance & arroganceWe chose to compete rather than work togetherWe chose to […]


Posted on 1 May 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Collective A collaboration of similar mindsA host of exhausted party plannersA reciprocity of ‘paid in kind’A consideration of impeccable manners A chasm of travellers drawn to the bridgeA flash of photographers clickingA silhouette of walkers atop of the ridgeA separation of anything sticking A moment of watchmakers checking the timeA wound of surgeons repairingA shout […]

Reality is Fluid

Posted on 25 April 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Reality is Fluid The compass needle spins wildlyLosing all sight of its true purposeOffering no sanctuary in its reading  I may be lost I look around for something I recogniseA landmark of memory to steady meI have no past referenceI am in the shadows of what is to come Maybe I can retrace my steps […]

Slap Me

Posted on 22 April 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Slap Me The juxtaposition of belief and truthEvidence is only required for truthBelief requires no such foundationFaith in your belief is all that’s needed Truth is truth whether you like it or notBut a belief can be tailored to suitCan be moulded to fitCan be shaped as needed Facts and research can be so distractingThey […]


Posted on 16 April 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Absent What once was, is now a memoryLifted on the wings of the mindNurtured into colour with the heart What once was, is now your historyFlown on the winds of timeIlluminated in the eyes of the old What once was, is now a reflectionMirrored through the prism of the pastShimmering on the haze of certainty […]

Thank You

Posted on 11 April 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Thank You A minute can last you a lifetimeWhilst a silence can deafen a crowdWords engage the reader in rhymeThe absence of noise may be loud Impact is not measured by lengthColour is not shades of greyLack of weakness not always a strengthNight, remains separate from day A promise should not be made lightlyYet the […]

The Fade

Posted on 7 April 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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The Fade The world rushes on byYou step to a different tunePushed along by a different breezeCaught up in your own perspective It seems that you slide in & out of existenceIt seems that you tread in a different dimensionFlickering on & off in this world Known but not seen Considered but not missed Assumptions […]

Un – Interrupted

Posted on 3 April 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Un – Interrupted Unheard echoes that reverberate through the soulUnrealised searches intended to catch your eyeThis may look like a friendly wave, but I’m drowning! Uninterrupted I decide to keep my own counselI have shouted but have not been heardSignificantly insignificant Uninterrupted I will remain silent, and invisibleOut of sight, out of mindBut waiting, always […]


Posted on 30 March 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Unseen… I love creating art Whether it be with a brush, a camera or a pen, it completes me, it settles me, it finds me, it acknowledges me, it knows me, it challenges me, it rewards me. It is a fickle mistress though and can leave without warning, off to explore somewhere new, leaving me […]

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