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Thank You

Posted on 11 April 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Thank You

A minute can last you a lifetime
Whilst a silence can deafen a crowd
Words engage the reader in rhyme
The absence of noise may be loud

Impact is not measured by length
Colour is not shades of grey
Lack of weakness not always a strength
Night, remains separate from day

A promise should not be made lightly
Yet the words should always carry some weight
A show of love should be offered up nightly
Lest the trust of that promise abate

I offer my truth into your safekeeping
I prostrate my soul at your feet
Time apart from you has my heart weeping
Only with you can I feel complete

This world has its challenges and changes
Its trials & tribulations abound
But all are forgotten during lovers’ exchanges
The pure joy of such a miracle found

You can rest easy with your heart in my hand
Sleep well with your soul in my guard
Our life and our love will expand
You will always have my finest regard

Shall we sail to the sunset, your arm in mine?
Shall we greet the new dawn with a kiss?
Shall we see each day together as a purposeful sign?
Shall we work hard to maintain this shared bliss?

Time will change and shape our ways
There may be days when I anger you so
But let’s keep our promise throughout all these days
Let our truth and our promises show

I trust you to be here tomorrow
I love you for being here today
Only together can we beat sorrow
United is the way we will stay

So, thank you for being my guide
Thank you for standing your ground
Thank you for the love you always provide
Thank you for sticking around!

© Iain Merchant 2020

The Fade

Posted on 7 April 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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The Fade

The world rushes on by
You step to a different tune
Pushed along by a different breeze
Caught up in your own perspective

It seems that you slide in & out of existence
It seems that you tread in a different dimension
Flickering on & off in this world

Known but not seen

Considered but not missed

Assumptions that you’re always okay

They have no idea

Because you always seem ok

The mask you choose to present

I matter in my own world

Far more than I ever will in this one

Creation is not how the earth began
Creation is an artistic state of bliss
Creation is a physiology of joy
Creation is a psychopathy of possibilities
Creation is being truly alive
Creation is the manifestation of flow

When I create I am the brightest of colours
The warmest of tones
The sharpest of definitions
The epiphany of promise
The imagination of hope

When I cannot create I start to become erased
My edges cease to have distinction
My colours are flat
My presence is less
My abilities are hidden from me
My hope wanes

These are the low’s I must endure, to be gifted with the high’s

This is what I call…

The Fade

© Iain Merchant 2021

Un – Interrupted

Posted on 3 April 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Un – Interrupted

Unheard echoes that reverberate through the soul
Unrealised searches intended to catch your eye
This may look like a friendly wave, but I’m drowning!


I decide to keep my own counsel
I have shouted but have not been heard
Significantly insignificant


I will remain silent, and invisible
Out of sight, out of mind
But waiting, always waiting


Priorities change
Motivations move
Deadlines pass


Moments pass
Attitudes change
Goals move


Self-esteem wavers
Self-worth lessens
Bubbles of reality burst


That which is lost cannot always be regained
The gap between question and answer matters
The message being responded to counts

Pain is inevitable and the suffering is felt
The moment of rescue is passed in silence
The reality of your place is felt in full force

Do I matter, because I thought I did!
Maybe I was wrong, because I am unseen
I seem to be here in name only!

Taken for granted

Low on the priority list

          Unseen & unheard

                     Invisibility is unwanted gift

I respond to you without delay
Why? Because I know it matters
I hear what you say, because it matters
I consider your feelings, because it matters
I do my best to give you what you ask of me
I give you the best support I know how to give,
Emotionally, Morally, Intellectually & Spiritually

I like being me, but one day, I want to be treated like you…






Whenever applicable


© Iain Merchant


Posted on 30 March 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud


I love creating art

Whether it be with a brush, a camera or a pen, it completes me, it settles me, it finds me, it acknowledges me, it knows me, it challenges me, it rewards me.

It is a fickle mistress though and can leave without warning, off to explore somewhere new, leaving me feeling adrift, alone and desaturated of colours.

Bereft… Going through the motions of each day, wearing the mask of positivity as if nothing were wrong!

Not creating is painful to the spirit

Each time my mistress returns, she brings new materials, vibrant colour combinations, along with the mysteries of each new land she explored without me.

I am never annoyed that she went, as I am too full of joy at her return!

I can create again

                               I can breathe again

                                                              I am alive again

                                                                                              I am

To let the world see your work is a fear soaked path…

This is not just something I created, this is something I gave birth to, I gave life to, I incarnated from the emptiness of unformed ideas!

Be kind

          Be encouraging

                                          Be moved

                                                              Be interested

I am at the mercy of the viewer and the listener

I am at the crossroads of everyone else’s thoughts

I am at the whim of your aesthetic taste

I am in the line of fire for your attitude and opinion

I am vulnerable

I am unseen

© Iain Merchant

Well… Are You?

Posted on 27 March 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Well… Are You?

Release the chains, I can’t reach

I don’t hold the key?

They’re heavy and the impede me every day

I can’t help you carry them?

Can you call for the keyholder, I want to speak with them…

I’m sorry I can’t, they don’t seem to hear me

Can you not shout louder, I need them now!

It is not my volume that is the problem

Then why do they not hear you?

Because they don’t want to hear the truth!

What! I don’t understand what you’re saying?

Those chains that weigh you down so much…

What about them?

They’re not real

Trust me, friend, I know how real they are, they are with me every day of my life… Why would you insult me like that, do you think I am lying to you?

No, you are not lying to me, just yourself…

What do you mean? Talk straight and not in riddles!

As you wish… Those chains that stop you from reaching what you want and that weigh you down and impact you so much are not real, physical, chains. They are your beliefs about you and about how the world is.

You are the only keyholder for those chains, but you don’t want to hear that, you want it to be someone else!

If what you’re saying is true, then why would I want it to be someone else?

Because then it wouldn’t be your responsibility to release yourself by questioning the validity, truth & real value of your current beliefs…

You could carry on blissfully pretending to yourself that these chains are not your doing and that you must suffer your life this way because that’s just the way it is, and above all else, it’s not your fault!

So you’re saying that this whole situation I am in is simply the way I think and not a reality – are you mad?

No, please don’t get me wrong, it is a reality, it is your reality, but it is not the true reality, it is just the one you have made for yourself, and pretend it contains things that happen to you that you don’t want so that you can feel better about what you don’t do because it’s not your fault after all…

So, if this is all true, answer me one simple question then…

Ask me anything, but I cannot promise that you will like the answer!

What is this ‘true’ reality you mentioned, what does that look like?

Ah, the perfect question and one that I can answer easily – the true reality represents the blank canvas of our life and that we are the painter with a myriad of brushes and paints at our disposal at all times.

So, what does this true reality actually look like…

Whatever you want it to, it’s all about choice… Your choice


May I be permitted to ask you a question?

Erm.. sure

Are you keeping the chains?

© Iain Merchant 2021

Yesterday is Ashes

Posted on 20 March 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Yesterday is Ashes

Gone, passed, spent, history
To be remembered, celebrated or mourned,
recalled, recounted, revisited, revered, reviled,
distorted, embellished, demonised & made legend!

All of these options are available and, in the reality of life,
different people will choose differing paths

Yesterday is ashes…

Ashes flitter away on the wind with their gossips attached, and once flying, they cannot be collected back in – such is the perverted nature of gossip!

It doesn’t need to be true, in fact, pure and simple truths are a bit too tame for a good piece of gossip. Something with a surprising or, better still, salacious twist, will be much more engaging…

Yesterday is ashes…

The spreaders of gossip lap it up like dehydrated vile creatures at a river’s edge, with a thirst they can’t quench!

Once they leave the river, their soul purpose in life is to poison the ears, minds and hearts of all they can, with no mind for truth or any such notion of propriety

You know some of these people by




                                                              The Mirror!

Yesterday is ashes…

Today your fire burns brightly with your thoughts & actions, creating the ashes for tomorrows vultures

Tomorrow’s wood is being piled in readiness through your desires and plans.

Yesterday is ashes… and the breeze lively

© Iain Merchant 2021


Posted on 15 March 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Thoughts drowning in their own tears
Feelings lost in a maelstrom of emptiness
Yearning for what could have been
Gagging on the bile of what is

A desire to step back in time
A wish to undo what was done
To un-say what was said
To un-dream what was dreamed

Sorrow operates in all tenses
If affiliates itself with the verbs
It stalks your days & nights
It bleeds your strength & soul

Sorrow is an outcome, a result
Certainly not a plan or goal
It is a consequence of input
It is not always avoidable

Sorrow is also a teacher
A Sensei of the truth
A torch along the path
A song amongst the screams

Lessons come in many forms
Experience the desired outcome
Foreknowledge the thinkers’ goal
Understanding through reflection, the need

Walk your path
Stand true to yourself
Fear not the critics
Be at one with your truth

Be at one with your sorrows

© Iain Merchant 2020


Posted on 9 March 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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My thoughts can travel to the corners of the World
They require no Passport or Visa
They require no tickets or bookings
They require no flight plans to be made

My thoughts are the very definition of freedom

Yet my thoughts seem constrained by my mind?
They are constrained by:

My Culture
My Faith
My Lack of Faith
My Homelife
My Dreams
My Self-Belief
My Hopes
My Wishes

My thoughts should be free, but they are not!
I have imprisoned them but pretended there are no bars
I have lied to myself, and I have believed my own lies
I have built an inner world of self-justification

It’s time to organise a jailbreak
It’s time to remove the imagined bars
It’s time to release the fake shackles
It’s way past time, to be honest

Let the sirens wail loud and long
Let chaos reign in the corridors
Let every thought run for freedom
Let every thought:

Turn its face to the unfamiliar Sunlight
Hear the promise of freedom call
And run to the horizon and beyond

Let them fly
Disappear beyond the vanishing point
They will return with new stories

New images
New sounds
New aromas
New feelings

You will be reborn in their freedom
When their freedom is reborn in you…

Today is the perfect day for it…

© Iain Merchant 2021


Posted on 5 March 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud


A seething torrent of attitude and ego
Neatly wrapped in twisted self-affirmations
Delusional blind-spots of care and consideration
Wreaking their havoc in innocent sentences

A dog with a bone, you just can’t let go
Your echo rarely one of peace
Your impact never as discreet as you think
Your true attitude shouts between your words

A keen willingness to demean or belittle
Assuming soft tones will disguise the knife
This, like any bully, has its source deep within
A lack of significance could be at play here

If caught out, you will invariably act offended
How could anyone think that of you
Back of hand at forehead in false shock
Drama lessons may be handy here

I care about people and I put them first
I walk with a higher power and they see my heart
How dare you insinuate that I could be like that
Shock and horror will deflect all blame elsewhere

You have only fooled yourself
Do you think nobody else knows?
Do you honestly think you have fooled them?
No, no, no… But you have fooled yourself

Superior intellect is a self-belief
Psychological roots have their history
You know where this has come from
You know why this is here

Once in a while you will clash with another
Someone who isn’t prepared to roll over
Someone who can read between your lines
Someone who is prepared to speak their mind

You won’t like that mirror
You won’t like what you see
You will pretend it’s not true
It’s not you, it’s them of course

Let’s face it, it’s always them… right?

Self-preservation is the key here
You need to maintain the illusion
You need to believe your stories
You need to see no blame in you

The cycle will continue
You keep feeding the wrong Wolf
You see fault everywhere else
You affirm your place by assigning blame

All anyone else can do is exhale!

© Iain Merchant 2021


Posted on 28 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
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Ups & Downs

Ins & Outs

Front & Back

To & Fro

Wax & Wane

Ebb & Flow

Right & Wrong

Good & Bad

Light & Dark

Peaks & Troughs

Here & There

On & Off

Tomorrow & Yesterday

Future & Past





Own your choices & your outcomes

Evaluate Yesterday

Navigate Today

Blueprint Tomorrow

© Iain Merchant

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